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ASSIST from the Boston Celtics

Hoop Dreams Africa grassroots basketball development in Africa gets an ASSIST from the Boston Celtics.

Hoop Dreams Africa

Hoop Dreams Africa is a Zambian based African youth basketball development organization that use the game of basketball for social development and empowerment of the youth aged 10 – 20 years. Hoop Dreams Africa firmly believe in the power of the game of basketball by creating and influencing positive social change and the promotion of healthy lifestyles for the African youth through innovative, interactive and integrated basketball development programs. Our existence is centered on using the powerful and positive influence of the game of basketball as an effective tool for communication, community mobilisation and social integration of the health, education and life-skills activities.


To promote and grow the popularity of the game of basketball in Zambia and on the African continent among the youth through establishing, developing and promoting grassroots game, player and skills development activities.


To positively change Africa, empower the youth and impact the world through basketball as a development tool and realise a world where children and young people can dream, believe and achieve their unique potential and contribute to stronger African communities.

What We Do

Hoop Dreams Africa’s major development goal is to develop the game in Zambia and on the African continent by providing the African children and youth better, well organised and competitive basketball playing opportunities that promote regular and active participation of local youth teams.

Why Basketball? Basketball is a fastest growing sport in Zambia and on the African continent and is experiencing a phenomenal growth as many children and young people are taking to the streets to play either pick up, organized or competitive league basketball. At the same time, it is a powerful tool for mobilisation of children and youth to engage in different social and life skills education activities at community level.

Programmes and Events Hoop Dreams Africa
programmes activities focus on the following six (6) areas;

Basketball Skills Development

Delivered through drills and skills coaching clinics, tournaments, skills development camps etc. The programs aim at providing instructional and fun based basketball activities with a focus on developing, nurturing and enhancing the developmental part of young, talented and skilled basketball players. Our experienced and skilled basketball coaches and instructors help participants to work on critical game fundamentals critically needed to develop the game, all this is done in a competitive and fun learning environment.

Hoops for Education

Designed to identify disadvantaged but potential, talented and skilled young players by offering and supporting them with basketball scholarships to stay in school and finish their basic education. The aim of this program is to encourage and improve the educational performance through basketball participation by awarding basketball scholarships to deserving young basketball players.

Spaces for Hoops

Focuses on the construction, renovation and creation of safe spaces for basketball; generally, by building or face-lifting of existing basketball infrastructure; to upgrade them to acceptable playing standards safe for participants.

Life Skills Education and Mentorship Training

Aims at developing positive attitudes, personal awareness, self-esteem and confidence by promoting vital life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, decision-making, leadership and communication that help to make healthy and positive choices.

Star Shine

Designed to promote, stimulate the interest and increase the number of young girls taking part in sports especially basketball activities; is a girls’ sports advocacy program aimed at promoting gender equality and social inclusion by encouraging active participation and involvement of young girls and women in sports and leadership activities.

Global Dreams Ambassadors

The Global Dreams Ambassadors are a group of professional sports legends and personalities drawn from different sporting codes but mainly from basketball who have reached and achieved the very highest level of prestigious achievement and greatness in global sports careers and are making significant contributions to the global sporting community.

Our Dreams Ambassadors all share a firm belief that sports is a powerful and effective tool that can be used to transform the lives of young people around the world and volunteer to support, promote and champion the work and cause of the organisation by helping to mobilise the much needed resources for the organisation, do engage in equipment donation drives and inspire the young people on the African continent through mentorship, leadership, character development and international sports diplomacy activities.

Whether you’re a current or retired Collegiate, Olympic or Professional athlete, your experience and dedication to the Hoop Dreams Africa organisation inspires and motivates many youth involved in our programs as youth thrive when they have role models and mentors to look up to for inspiration.

We’re always looking for like-minded individuals like yourself keen to join our team of Ambassadors, share the vision and expertise with us. We’re inviting you to join our mission and share our vision. Come dream with us and share the African dream.

Schedule a Zoom call on
or WhatsApp discussion on +260 (960) 125940 to learn more on how you can get involved and join the Global Dreams
Ambassadors Network.

Volunteer Program

The Student Athlete Basketball Coach Volunteer Program

Why volunteer with Hoop Dreams Africa?

This is a fantastic opportunity for university or college student athletes, sports enthusiasts and all the highest skilled coaches who have performed at professional level in their sport to pass on their sports passion and skills to the disadvantaged children and youth of Africa. Through coaching the youth in basketball, you will play a major role in building their confidence, happiness and self-esteem. As a student coach you’ll have the opportunity to do something you truly love whilst at the same time helping to put smiles on the faces of some of the most deserving children and youth. Volunteering can enable you to try something new and different, develop new skills and put old ones to valuable use. This could be a great way of enhancing your lifestyle and helping you to stand out from your peers. This is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience in working with children and youth through sports development as well as impacting positively on the lives of some of the African youth.

The SABC volunteer program gives you the chance to build up your coaching skills and experiences and get you involved in sports education exchange activities.

What is it? The Student Athlete Basketball Coach Program is a Hoop Dreams Africa designed student athlete program aimed at creating opportunities for basketball student athletes in colleges and universities overseas to come and participate as a volunteer basketball coach under the Hoop Dreams Africa basketball program on the Africa continent and Zambia in particular. This programme has been designed to offer university and college students the chance to gain practical experience in youth sports development by volunteering for Hoop Dreams Africa as a Student Volunteer Basketball Coach. This program is more appealing to student athletes who are pursuing social sciences and sports programs such as sports coaching, sports management, sports medicine, sports administration etc. For over four weeks the Student Volunteer Coach will be engaged in coaching sports, teaching leadership, life skills and health education to the Zambia youth.

SABC Development Objectives

  1. To promote international youth coaching cooperation through basketball development and cultural exchange programmes that foster global peace, sports diplomacy and awareness.
  2. To help promote global awareness and build friendships and partnerships with universities and colleges overseas in international sports development for children and youths.
  3. To develop and promote the teaching, coaching and leadership skills among volunteer coaches by integrating health, education and life skills through sports. 
  4. To promote and enhance global awareness, international peace and cooperation, and promote friendship and partnership through sports.
  5. To provide an opportunity for oversees universities and colleges to engage students in sports based research, sports education and cultural exchange tours.
  6. To create more and better playing opportunities that increases the level of participation of children and youth in sports and physical education activities at school and community levels.
  7. To cultivate a culture of sports that promotes healthy lifestyles among the African youth.

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