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Hoop Dreams Africa celebrates the Inaugural World Basketball Day in 2023

In 2023, Hoop Dreams Africa joined the rest of the World Basketball Community to celebrate and commemorate the inaugural UN World Basketball Day on December, 21 under the theme “Bridging Nations through the Global Game of Basketball”. Listen to one RISING HOOPSTAR describe what basketball mean to him.

The World Basketball Day is a UN Declared Day dedicated to celebrate the impact that the global game of basketball has created worldwide. A Day that honors the game and promote it’s values and heritage and unite communities. Today, basketball has grown to become one of the most popular and widely played sports in the world.

What a way to end the Year and close our programs and activities for the Year 2023. With that said, we wanted to thank and pass our gratitude to all our partners, friends of the organization and all well-wishers who supported our programs throughout the Year 2023.

Thanks most sincerely for finding purpose in our work, for believing in our cause, and for joining our MISSION and sharing our VISION of using the game of basketball has a development tool for social impact on the continent of Africa.

We invite you to become a friend of Hoop Dreams Africa’s Dreams Supporters Network by supporting our programs through once-off or monthly contributions and donations of basketball equipment. The contribution provided helps the organisation grow and sustain our programs.

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