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Boston Celtics

Hoop Dreams Africa is grateful to have received an assist from the 17 time NBA Champions, Boston Celtics of a donation of basketballs, shirts, shorts and pressure needles. As a grassroot basketball development organisation we’re elated, truly honored and highly commend the Boston Celtics for supporting the Hoop Dreams Africa Basketball Equipment Donation Drive.

We’re sincerely thankful and grateful to the Team President Rich Gotham for facilitating the donation and we can’t thank him enough for his generosity, kindness and commitment, and finding purpose in our work at Hoop Dreams Africa, and also for sharing our mission and vision and supporting the African dream of developing the next generation of African basketball stars and sports leaders.





World One On One Ballers Association (WOOOBA), is a grassroots sports tech “PlayerProfile” platform for pickup games on a mission to help the world play more sport.



Back to the Motherland

Back to the Motherland is a North-American Non-profit whose mission is shaping futures through basketball and life skills for the under-served children and young people of the continent of Africa. Founded by WNBA Professional and Atlanta Dream Athlete Laeticia Amihere, the organization among other things aims to build courts, facilitate outreach initiatives to empower the youth on the continent through basketball.





The Fresh Nets program is a community initiative powered by Sportfactor and Spalding, focused on making sure that every outdoor hoop has fresh nets and believe that basketball should be accessible and available to all. Through this initiative, the Fresh Nets Foundation is bridging the gap by helping to promote grassroots basketball through unmet needs, fostering a cycle of giving and shared passion of the game and fulfilling a child’s dream of playing basketball. The Fresh Nets program is dedicated to using the game of basketball to drive positive impact in the communities.






HOOPAZ is a German based quality basketball gaming brand platform. It is the first fully digitized tabletop home games that offers an authentic and fun experience and is available on Android and iOS. The App provides enjoyable next level eSport fun and has an 825 Million fan base worldwide.




Adrenaline Solutions - Digital Partner

As a supporting Digital Strategy and Online Marketing Partner and a proud Member of the Dreams Supporters Network; Adrenaline Solutions is providing Hoop Dreams Africa with professional, dynamic, and user-friendly web-based expertise, design, maintenance and online marketing solutions.

Adrenaline Solutions is a unique sports agency who deliver fully integrated sport education, coach performance and athlete development, web design and digital marketing and management solutions to help sports organizations around the world bring their vision to life.






Books 4 Zambia

Books 4 Zambia is a Zambian Charity formed by Walter Cowham and his wife, Holly whose mission and vision is centered on supporting and educating the next generation of Zambian children through donations of educational, technology and recreational equipment to under-served schools and communities in Zambia.






United Nations of Basketball (UNB)

The United Nations of Basketball is an intercontinental sports organization that was developed to bring people and nations together through the game of basketball. Its mission and vision is centered on promoting and maintaining international peace through basketball, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation and be a center for harmonizing the actions of basketball nations.

It aims to develop the world’s future basketball stars by through developing and improving individual skills, providing high level competition, delivering humanitarian basketball aid, promoting sustainable sport development and upholding international basketball rules.

It has its headquarters in Panama City, Panama, Central America. Hoop Dreams Africa is a Member and Country Representative of the UNB.






Rain Basketball

 The first basketball designed for the human hand. The revolutionary Rain Basketball design has curved seams that fit the hand-allowing all five fingers to grip the ball at once. With 60% more seam area than a standard ball, the Rain Basketball makes it quicker and easier to grip the ball. Control the game with Rain.




Unique Sports Management International

A professional sports agency who have a firm understanding of the rigors of modern media, marketing and brand development, specialised in preparing the future of professional athletes and providing services that are important to the athlete’s career.





We invite you to become a friend of Hoop Dreams Africa’s Dreams Supporters Network by supporting our programs through once-off or monthly contributions and donations of basketball equipment. The contribution provided helps the organisation grow and sustain our programs.

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